Fail Camera on Hand

Just days after I started the site I was on the soccer field with the kids when a bunny came hopping by and then another. Fail on my part I didn’t have my camera Sad smile There was also a beautiful sky full of sunrays. I got as many pics with my phone as I could but the bunny ones didn’t turn out. So here is a look at the sun rays. Hope you like.


Spring Fever

The geese around my office have been gettin busy. I have had fun taking pictures of the result of that, these last few weeks.

The Photographer in me

So I am by no means a photographer. I have however always loved taking pictures. I used to dress my sisters up to do photo shoots. Or sneak my camera in to school to take pictures of friends. Now that life is busy I always see thing I would like to take a picture of and never do.

So here is “The Plan”

I am going to start carrying around my camera, not my phone (although there may be a few pics taken with it) and take pictures of things I think are interesting or unusual.

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