Tournament Win

Our futsal state cup team won a tournament in New Jersey this week end.  It was my families first time traveling that far. We had a great time.

The Prince of the Day

This little guy was hanging outside my office along the storefront. I found him on the way to the store next door and had to show him off. I did not however try to kiss him into a prince, as a close friend has advised me “whatever you do, don’t kiss it.  Frog-princes are crazy bastards.” He was let go out back into a nice shaded grassy area.



With all the rain we got these last few months the mushrooms are popping up everywhere. I know they are most likely poisonous and they really can ruin a nice manicured lawn but I think they are beautiful. I hope you enjoy these few snapshots of them.

Fun in the Rain

Friday night (August 26, 2011) was my daughters soccer practice. Safety rules prohibit practicing when there is lightning but they don’t say anything about the rain. The girls had a blast. Hope you enjoy seeing their fun. Also posted video 1 and video 2.

Extreme Close Up

My Toes

Just cause I felt like taking a picture of them.


Computer Guts

Comp Guts

We (being my family and I) just tried out a new online game. Problem was every time we got it loaded my computer would turn off. We tried updating my graphics driver but that didn’t help. My graphics card was defiantly well equipped to play the game so… maybe I just needed to clean out the inside. You know get ride of all the comp duct hanging around. Turns out that is what it was. My heat sink was smothered so my processor was over heating. Hence the computer turning off. All is good now. Thought I would take a pic of my newly dusted off tower. I had it laying on its side and was standing above it.

P.S. I whited out my power supply’s model and serial number. I wasn’t sure if that was something everyone should know. Can someone do anything with that information?


Lunch today

Is this not a beautiful plate of fresh vegetables.

A big THANK YOU to Marcia Stonestreet for providing it.


What ever you want to call it I got a picture of one growing in my front yard. It is huge. I got a pic with my phone next to it for reference.


Fun with Curls

So I have straight hair. Really really straight. It doesn’t like to hold a curl. So when I want to have curls stay for the day I use overnight curlers. That is just what I did Saturday night. I need to add that while I was putting the sponge curlers in my hair my husband laughed at me. There I was trying to make myself beautiful and instead was providing the comic relief for the night. Here are the results of a night in curlers.

Morning After


Day two


And now my hair has been washed and my curls are no more. I have to say though I really enjoyed having bouncy curly hair for two days.

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