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Oh Look A Snake!

Wow, not a single post in 2013. Anyhow, We found this guy yesterday afternoon.

He is so tiny.

He is so tiny.

And has a neck tie.

And has a neck tie.


Fall Colors 2.0


I know I just posted about the colorful trees, but I was showing a home today when I came across this beautiful lane and had to pull over to take a few photos. Hope you like it as much as I did.

Fall Colors

I am loving the colors this fall. I keep wanting to pull over and take more pictures. My daughter has taken to saying “you already have a picture of that tree”, with my response being “not this one”, and her follow up being “Same thing”




Courtesy of last nights storm.






It barely missed crushing the corner of the house. Instead the top of it slid down the siding, scaring Ana half to death (that is where her bedroom is) She slept the rest of the night on the couch.

The Prince of the Day

This little guy was hanging outside my office along the storefront. I found him on the way to the store next door and had to show him off. I did not however try to kiss him into a prince, as a close friend has advised me “whatever you do, don’t kiss it.  Frog-princes are crazy bastards.” He was let go out back into a nice shaded grassy area.



With all the rain we got these last few months the mushrooms are popping up everywhere. I know they are most likely poisonous and they really can ruin a nice manicured lawn but I think they are beautiful. I hope you enjoy these few snapshots of them.

Extreme Close Up

My Toes

Just cause I felt like taking a picture of them.


Computer Guts

Comp Guts

We (being my family and I) just tried out a new online game. Problem was every time we got it loaded my computer would turn off. We tried updating my graphics driver but that didn’t help. My graphics card was defiantly well equipped to play the game so… maybe I just needed to clean out the inside. You know get ride of all the comp duct hanging around. Turns out that is what it was. My heat sink was smothered so my processor was over heating. Hence the computer turning off. All is good now. Thought I would take a pic of my newly dusted off tower. I had it laying on its side and was standing above it.

P.S. I whited out my power supply’s model and serial number. I wasn’t sure if that was something everyone should know. Can someone do anything with that information?

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