Nature Walk through Alexandria VA

Found a pretty cool trail in Alexandria VA this past fall.


D&D/Pathfinder Maps

A few years ago my husband was running some campaigns and I made the maps for him. We just decided to start playing again and opened up some old files for fun so I thought I would post them.

Jade Regent-

Brinewall Castle

Brinestump Caverns, Licktoad Village, Old Megu’s Shack





Warden’s Shack, Skalsbridge

I thought there was another campaign but these are the only ones I see at the moment.  I have all the token images as well but there are way to many to post :-)Hope you like the maps.


Oh Look A Snake!

Wow, not a single post in 2013. Anyhow, We found this guy yesterday afternoon.

He is so tiny.

He is so tiny.

And has a neck tie.

And has a neck tie.

Fall Colors 2.0


I know I just posted about the colorful trees, but I was showing a home today when I came across this beautiful lane and had to pull over to take a few photos. Hope you like it as much as I did.

Fall Colors

I am loving the colors this fall. I keep wanting to pull over and take more pictures. My daughter has taken to saying “you already have a picture of that tree”, with my response being “not this one”, and her follow up being “Same thing”

Its an Obsession

I know so many of my pictures are of mushrooms but I just think they are so cool. Came across these mammoths the other day and had to take a few shots. 024






Courtesy of last nights storm.






It barely missed crushing the corner of the house. Instead the top of it slid down the siding, scaring Ana half to death (that is where her bedroom is) She slept the rest of the night on the couch.

Semi Fail

I don’t totally fail because I did stick with it and carry my camera around with me and take pictures, I just didn’t post them 🙂

So here are a few old ones.

Light Snow Little Prints

Light Snow Little Prints x Two

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